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The VACMASTERTM SVP-10 vacuum packing system is a light capacity commercial vacuum packer.

The SVP-10 will handle bags up to 10" x 15" and is designed for small commercial operations that need a high quality vacuum packer for portion control, pre-made soups, stocks or sauces, private label products, or production packaging of perishable products.

Vacuum packing extends the life of refrigerated or perishable products by 3-5 times their normal shelf life and eliminates freezer burn. Prevents shrinkage--the weight you pack is the weight you sell. Allows you to buy bulk products and repackage for more profit, and to work ahead during slow periods.


10"x13"x5" Seamless Chamber
One 10" Single Wire Heat Bar
Dry, Rocker Piston Pump
Adjustable Vacuum up to 29.5" Hg
40 Second Cycle Time
Hose Port for Canisters & Jars
Available in 110V, 220V, 8 Amps
Weight: 47 lbs.
Dimensions: 133/4" x 20" x 91/2"

Vacumaster SVP-10 (light capacity commercial vacuum packer)
1 Year Mfg. Warranty
1 Operations Manual
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